Our solutions

Lean and Agile Coaching

We take your company's production processes to the next level by diagnosing your current situation and generating a path to an optimized situation: more productivity for your teams and more quality delivered to your customers, faster. We have CSM, CSPO, SPC and other certifications under our belt

Graphic Design

We connect your product and your brand with your customers in a way that conveys the essence and identity of your market offer. We enable an enhanced visibility of your services and products to current and potential customers, so a stronger bond is formed

Software Production Management

We provide corporate consulting for the successful and optimized implementation of development processes. Also, we provide support and coaching for managers and teams, in agile processes and lean practices

Software Production Development

We make available technical expertise for the complete implementation of turnkey projects, freelance time for ongoing operations and qualified consultants for either outsourcing or insourcing positions

Why us?

Wherever you are in the world, we are the solution your technology, research and innovation departments are looking for. We bring you expertise in a bundle of methodologies and best practices that create the next generation software and hardware.

We are experts in Lean software development, a set of principles and practices popularized in the 2000s based on Agile development and Lean manufacturing, which originated in Japan during the 30’s, for industrial production. Lean reduces unnecessary steps during a production process and makes the remaining steps lightweight. We link Lean with over a decade of experience in Agile Methodologies like XP, Scrum and Kanban.

Agile transformed software development from a bureaucratic and provider-centered activity into a creative, dynamic, interactive and customer-centered operation.

Plus, we bring the link between industry and academy, adding scientific research expertise to our staff.

Finally, design is crucial in the process of communicating brand and customers, so designers are a key component of our service offer.

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Our offer

When it comes to technology, there’s no argument about the benefits of continued and creative innovation in the conception and production processes.

Industry evolves every day. The way cars were manufactured when they were first produced, more than one hundred and twenty five years ago, is substantially different to the way they are produced now. The same applies to any mass-produced invention, from trains and computers to software and firmware.

However, only some technology development companies around the world have started a journey to manufacture in inventive, efficient or cost-effective ways. Moreover, traditional processes don’t always focus in fostering and practicing innovation, as well as encouraging team member’s creativity. Agile and Lean practices tackle those pain points on top of adding a major gain: more customer focus.

Lean Task Force offers you:

  1. A paradigm in which industry and science go hand by hand. We work from product conception to implementation, validation and support using science backed up processes and expert assessment
  2. A set of tools, practices, training curricula and support for companies that want to reach the future of software and integrated systems development
  3. An international team of professionals, experts in multiple disciplines, practices and processes with diverse experience in both industrial and academic institutions

On top of that, we specialize on customized Lean and Agile coaching. We are aware that people and cultures are different. We use that diversity to provide a unique approach, based on research we conducted, that considers and empowers multiple cultural backgrounds.

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