Nestor Bustamante - CV

Lean and Agile Coaching and Management Expert 

Consultant with expertise in Product and Project management. Experienced in technical leadership and coaching of co-located and distributed teams. Has worked with scientific institutions and in Fortune 500 corporations. With proven effective communication in several languages with colleagues, customers and executives. Driven to the continuous improvement of product development processes and people in technology companies 


  • Lean/Agile Coach
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer
  • Certified SAFe Program Consultant
  • Certified Product Owner
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Globally distributed teams coordinator


Agile Enterprise Lean Portfolio Manager Deposit Solutions GmbH Jun 2019 - Present Hamburg, Germany • Coordinateandalignmultipledevelopmentteamsinatechandcultural transformation. Coach Lean/Agile and process setup: Jira and Azure DevOps
General Manager and Lead Coach Lean Task Force Feb 2019 - Jun 2019 Shanghai, China • Providemanagementconsultingservicestotechnologydepartmentsby fostering innovation, minimizing time to market, increasing customer satisfaction and growing revenue with Lean and Agile coaching
Lead Consultant Siemens Feb 2016 - Jan 2019 Shanghai, China • Coachresearchers,engineersandmanagersinbestpracticesforsoftware development, product conception and validation of software and hardware manufacturing related to IoT, Big Data, (AI) Machine Learning and mobility • ChangeAgentforBusinessUnitstransitioningintoLean,AgileandSAFe practices, as CI, CD from DevOps, while complying with regulatory standards
Founder and General Manager Lean Task Force Jul 2015 - Feb 2016 Shanghai, China • Developmentandmanagementconsultingservicestotechnology departments. Fostering innovation and minimizing time to market
Project Management Director EF Education First Jan 2015 - Jun 2015 Shanghai, China • Coordinatemorethan100peopleworkinginUX,VisualDesign,Publishing, Engineering and Product Management departments for the development of educational products. Managing dependencies and Lean and Agile coaching
Development Manager TNC Jul 2014 - Jan 2015 Shanghai, China • Coordinate multicultural and distributed teams in charge of the development and support of major web sites in Europe • Coaching, communication and project management, budgeting and planning
Technology Consultant Happymer @ Intel Nov 2013 - Apr 2014 Cordoba, Argentina • Design, code and test features for an Android app developed in Titanium Appcelerator. With the technology’s engine, JavaScript and CSS • Coordinate the effort with other team members in India and Brazil using Git, Trello and other digital collaboration tools
Founder and instructor Google Developer Group (GDG) Córdoba Nov 2011 - Jul 2014 Cordoba, Argentina • Design and code “Asado Manager”, a simple Android app for calculating how to split expenses for an Argentinian barbecue • We used “Asado Manager” as a model app for teaching to code in Android Bootcamps, organized by GDG, at FaMAF • Gave the Google Maps API walkthrough in the Google I/O 2013 extended, at FaMAF
Founder and partner LVK Labs Mar 2009 - Jul 2014 Cordoba, Argentina • Ideate, design, code and release ‘Julia: A pick up adventure’. A video game originally coded in Objective-C for iOS, then rewritten in C++ and converted to Android through cocos2d-x • Julia has over 350k downloads in 200+ countries • Develop and release the first Argentinian app for Google Glass: OkMapIt. Created with a front-end coded in Python and using the Mirror API with Google App Engine • Present OkMapIt to national and local news media on August 2013, at FaMAF
Technical Leader HP Sep 2007 - Nov 2013 Cordoba, Argentina - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, US • Contractor providing services for the American Airlines (AA) account • Coordinate part of the major technology and look and feel refactoring of the web system. Including WAS, Tomcat, JUnit test cases, Spring MVC, Ajax, JQuery, Hibernate, Oracle DB2 and Google Maps API implementations. Also, code Perl scripts for faster log parsing • Leader of projects presented for SCAMPIs for CMMI 3, 4 and 5 certifications of HP Argentina • Train and supervise the usage of innovative methodologies and practices, like TDD, XP and Scrum • Main focal point for business requirements collection from customer and transition from system requirements to User Stories
Researcher and developer Senda @ INRIA Feb 2007 - Aug 2007 Paris, France • Design and code a prototype with an efficient routing algorithm for the traffic network of the most populous region of France; using Ruby, C, MapBasic. For MVP Java and Oracle Spatial with PL/SQL were used • Heavy usage of GIS concepts and technologies • Algorithm optimization for loading and processing time. Research on efficient graph representation and models. Coded a KML Java parser for feeding Oracle Spatial MapViewer and test results
Developer Vates May 2005 - Feb 2007 Cordoba, Argentina • Code converter for Pantone colors: special inks, used industrially. A tool based on spectrophotometric analysis of input colors to represent and convert them in different color models, like RGB, CMYK, etc. • Implemented using C physic libraries and then exported to Objetive-C for running on iMac desktop equipments, placed in industrial printing facilities. • Implement Printing Profile Handler, installer, uninstaller and Spot Color module of the TetraChrome app. Coded in Xcode for Mac OS X 10
My Skills
Web Designer 50%
Web Designer 50%